Residential Dumbwaiter

  • Residential Dumbwaiter
  • Residential Dumbwaiter
  • Residential Dumbwaiter
Adding a dumbwaiter to your Home is a Great Investment for Your Property and Your Safety

Inclinator’s Homewaiter® Residential Dumbwaiter is ideal for transporting groceries from garage to kitchen, laundry from bedrooms to utility room, bottles and cases from/to a wine cellar, and hauling firewood from ground level to living space.

Have your builder design and install a custom swing door to match your home’s design, or choose a commercial-grade bi-parting, slide-up or swing door. Homewaiter can have up to four stops with automatic controls at each landing. The energy-efficient drive system uses 120V house current.

Standard Features
  • Custom sizes up to 24″ x 24″ x 24″ (60.9 cm x 60.9 cm x 60.9 cm)
  • 120 lb. (54 kg) capacity 
  • Travel up to 35 ft. (10.6 m)
  • Up to 4 stops
  • Automatic controls from any floor
  • Can accommodate openings on 1, 2 or 3 sides
  • Painted steel standard
  • Operates on standard 120V house current
Installation Information

Professional Measure + Installation available in the following areas:

Greater Cincinnati, Greater Dayton, OH, Northern Kentucky, Greater Louisville, KY including Southern Indiana, Kentuckiana, Central Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, Southern Kentucky, Nashville, and Middle Tennessee.

  • Stainless steel cab or hardwood veneer optional
  • Doors Commercial-grade slide-up, Commercial-grade swing, Commercial-grade bi-parting
  • Cab Gate in Brass, Bronze, Duranotic, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Silver
  • Call Buttons in various Finishes



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