Commercial Dumbwaiter

  • Commercial Dumbwaiter
  • Commercial Dumbwaiter
  • Commercial Dumbwaiter
Available with up to 500 lb Capacity and a Variety of Options

Reduce the risk of back strain, aching muscles and even accidents by installing our dumbwaiter system. The commercial dumbwaiter is great for restaurants, hospitals, medical practices, office buildings and other public buildings. We can design a dumbwaiter system that suits your needs and space constraints.  

Standard Features: 
  • Custom sizes up to 36″ x 36″ x 48″
    (91.4 cm x 91.4 cm x 121.9 cm)
  • Weight capacities: 200 lb. (90 kg), 300 lb. (136 kg) and 500 lb. (226 kg) 
  • Travel: up to 27 ft. (8.2 m) on 200 lb. (90 kg) model, up to 47 ft. (14.3 m) on 300 lb. (136 kg) and 500 lb. (226 kg) models
  • Up to 6 stops
  • Automatic controls from any level
  • Can accommodate openings on 1, 2 or 3 sides
  • Painted steel cab or 
  • 220V electrical
Installation Information: 

Professional Measure + Installation available in the following areas: Greater Cincinnati, Greater Dayton, OH, Northern Kentucky, Greater Louisville, KY including Southern Indiana, Central Kentucky, Eastern and Southern Ky.

  • Hoistway Doors Slide Up, Bi Parting, or Swing
  • Cab Gates Bi- Parting, Slide - Up, or Collapsible
  • Optional stainless steel

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