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Your company works out of a building that is two or three stories high and your stakeholders have mandated that you offer elevator access for employees, customers, vendors and members of the public. Even with a minimal amount of use, the elevator in your building still needs to deliver consistent results in terms of comfort, speed and safety.

To that end, Transitions Lift + Elevator specializes in selling, installing, maintaining and servicing LULA Commercial Elevators.

The Perfect Elevator for a Range of New Builds and Retrofits

Whether you're building or retrofitting, LULA is perfect for churches, temples, condos, restaurants and low-rise office buildings. Our powerful and heavy-duty commercial LULA elevator has most of the same construction and features as high-rise elevators.

LULA elevators are suitable for use in low-rise buildings comprised of two to four floors or a maximum of 25 feet in travel (excluding pit depth). LULAs are the ideal choice for existing buildings with space restrictions.

A typical high-rise commercial elevator needs more overhead clearance and two to three times the pit depth. In contrast, LULA is a small commercial elevator designed to save space and money, especially in construction costs. A LULA elevator is easier when retrofitting for an existing building. This is because larger commercial elevators typically have more upfront costs, especially in hoistway construction.

When it comes to elevator companies, business owners in Cincinnati, Lexington and Louisville have come to depend on the team at Transitions Lift + Elevator to install and maintain their elevators in buildings as high as three stories. Read on for details about the two types of commercial LULA elevator solutions we provide.

Regular Commercial Elevator Maintenance

To reduce the total cost of ownership of your new commercial elevator and get a better return on your investment, it pays to arrange for regular maintenance.

Transitions Lift + Elevator is available to provide comprehensive elevator inspection and maintenance services after installation.

Ongoing maintenance from professionals who follow industry best practices cuts down on the need for elevator repair services. You don’t want to inconvenience customers, clients or employees by making them rely on a poorly maintained elevator.

Elevator Manufacturers in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana

Are you ready to install a new commercial elevator at your business? The team at Transitions Lift + Elevator provides local installation for trusted national elevator manufacturers.. For more information on our elevator installation services in Lexington, Louisville and the greater Cincinnati area and beyond, or for assistance in making the best selection for your particular business, please get in touch with us today.

2 Speed Sliding Door LULA Elevator

2 Speed Sliding Door LULA Elevator

This LULA elevator gives you all the standard features of a conventional passenger elevator in a smaller cab and at small fraction of the cost.

Automatic power sliding doors permit easy access to the car, which is standard at 42 inches by 54 inches and can accommodate 1,400 pounds. Your company can improve its efforts to “go green” thanks to LULA’s energy-efficient recessed lights that turn on only when the elevator is in use. The ADA-compliant speakerphone gives elevator riders greater peace of mind that they can communicate if needed while in transit.

High-quality baked enamel walls and the stainless steel handrail are examples of features that increase the elevator’s durability.
LULA Swing Door Commercial Elevator

LULA Swing Door Commercial Elevator

When your low-rise building has limited space, the commercial Swing Door LULA elevator is the ideal solution. It is a commercial elevator capable of supporting 1,400 pounds and can fit in a hoistway as small as 30-square feet. It has enough room for a wheelchair and an attendant.

The standard cab includes ¾-inch wood car walls set off with a laminate finish and stainless steel handrail. The momentary push-button control allows for easy operation and includes Braille and a fully functional phone. Fixtures and trim are made from satin stainless steel. Tough but lightweight alumifold center panels go into the construction of the elevator door.

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