I just wanna tell you all, everybody that worked on it. You had your part, Thomas laid it all out perfectly and Tyler actually put it in and I am so happy. I love it. It's beautiful and it works like a charm and I just load me and myself up with all my stuff and I go up and I come down and it's quiet and it's wonderful. And if you ever want me to give a testimonial to a prospective customer, you just give me a call and I'll be glad to do it. You all did a wonderful job and I just wanna tell you that. That's all I wanna say.

Pat T. - Louisville, KY


Installer (Tyler) was absolutely wonderful! Appreciate him wearing a mask. My Mother has already taken her "maiden voyage" up and down on the stairlift. Glad we added the power swivel seat at the top. :-) Our whole family will be so pleased. She can now stay in her home longer and my sisters and I will not be so worried about the steps. As I said to my mother, the steps present a danger even if someone is assisting her. A fall could take both people out.Thanks again! :-)

Susan R. - Louisville, KY



I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your efforts and your team in the installation of our new elevator. I better understand the communication issue resulting from the lost elevator car. In our minds it was well and adequately explained. Chris worked very diligently with us and our contractor. He and the crew did a great job with the installation and we’re happy to refer you to friends who might be in the market for your services.

Ed G. - Nashville, TN



As you know, we have had “lift off!” Thank you for your professional assistance in making this happen. My wife was thrilled to be able to unload groceries, this weekend, from the car trunk to the cab, then easily and safely climbing the steps. Your onsite staff, Chris and Jared, were tremendous. Their persistence in getting it right is to be commended. Though we experienced some expected “glitches” along the way given the nature of the install, it was you and the Transitions staff that came through. I can’t wait to be showing this off at our neighborhood Derby Day Party. Thanks, again. 5 Stars!

Dan B. - Covington, KY


My Bruno chairlift means freedom to me, and extra space and the opportunity to get involved in projects again that I thoroughly enjoy!

It also meant I could return to a space I had not even seen since March of 2021!

I had previously installed one to my basement in a summer condo I have in Green Bay, WI and was so thrilled with it that after the holidays I start calling around to find who could install the same brand here. The operation is so simple and straightforward, and the company promises to come inspect and maintain it once a year. What more could you ask?!

If you have space that you can no longer access and enjoy, if you want to live a fuller life than you are presently able to, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to inquire about a Bruno Chairlift from Transitions Lift and Elevator in Nashville.

Christine M. - Spring Hill, TN



We had a chairlift installed for my Dad on Dec 27th, 2021. I just have to compliment all of your employees I dealt with from inside the office, Dee and Bethany, to Kenny who installed the lift. Kenny installed it all by himself and is such a perfectionist!!

They were all so pleasant to work with and provided superior customer service.

I know most of the time you get emails when there are issues, but I wanted to make sure you knew the pleasant experience I had with all of them.

It's hard to find good employees today and you sure have some good ones. Please recognize them for the superior job they all did helping me get the chair installed as quickly as possible.

By the way, this chairlift has been such an asset for my Dad. He is so happy with it and can now sleep in his own bed. He wishes he would have done it sooner. Can't thank you and your team enough !! You have a great group of employees!!!

Chris B. - Lexington, KY


Kenny was an exceptional young man and superlative installer. You couldn’t ask for a better representative of your organization. Sharp. Very sharp. Chairlift is nice too :)
Phillip G. - Corinth, KY



Thank you for coming to my home and for the expedite work you performed on my stairlift. You were very professional and knowledgeable. The lift is working as it is supposed to and believe me it is used quite often. You did a great job thanks again for your service!

Gale D. - Richmond, KY


Hi Bethany,

Just want to let you know that I was very pleased with the stair lift installation performed by Layne. I do not want nice work he did go unnoticed. Besides well done installation, he was very courteous and complete in responding to all my questions. He also stayed back, watch my Mom use the stairlift and tried his best to make it work for her. I am requesting for him to be the one to come us for all future maintenance service calls for the stairlift. Thanks.

VJ - West Chester, OH


Dear Kevin,

The pre-owned Bruno stairlift is everything we discussed and more! No worrying about climbing our very steep steps! The ride is safe and smooth. Thomas is a professional installer and took the time to make sure we're comfortable with using the stair lift! We love it! Thanks again for all the care and concern.

Stanley K. - Cincinnati, OH


I love my chair lift.because now I can carry larger loads to the basement without the fear of falling.Thanks for my safe transportation!
Jean M. - Lexington, KY


Thank you Transitions for a very professional crew and friendly approach to our unique situation to get us an elevator to suit our needs!  We love the look of our very modern ride and would not want to be without it for our aging years!  It completes the needs and doesn't interfere with the traffic flow of our home.
Ira P. - Richmond, KY


Stacy- I want you to know that we just love our elevator!  I wish we had installed it years ago!!!   Have a wonderful week and again THANK YOU for all your kindness and help!
PS. Let me know if you ever want to hear about how the value of our house increased after the elevator install, or how we were able to deduct the elevator expese from our taxes.
Mary C. - Louisville, KY


Bethany- I just wanted to say thanks for sending another great service man to our home.  It was the first time John was here and he was personable, polite and respectful of our home, did a great job and even gave me a tip on how to get more life out of the battery on our chair lift.  Such a great company!

Linda S. - Cincinnati, OH



Stacy, Just wanted to let you know what a good job Curtis did for my brother.  He is completely won over and thrilled to have it!  Thanks so much for your prompt resonse and quality work.

Gretchen L. - Bowling Green, KY



Just wanted to let you know that the "lift chair" was a huge success Sunday. We did have the opportunity to use it and it went without a glitch. Want to thank all of you and the very professional work and service we received from Transitions. We won't hesitate to recommend your company to any and all who want to know where our "awesome" lift came from and who provided the service. Please thank Kevin and Mike, who did the installation and we thank you also, Bethany for putting up with our "impatient" concerns. Great teamwork!!! Terry and all of FOREST DALE CHURCH OF CHRIST!!! 

Terry M. - Cincinnati, OH


Stacy, We are very happy with the lift and are using it much more than we originally thought we would.  Thank you!

Jane V. - Dayton, OH


Just to say that we are glad we chose your company. Special thanks to Stacy, Adam and Curtis who installed our lift. Great guy have doing your installations!

Don E. - Corydon, IN




I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your chair lift installation, at FUMC.  Your installer was very professional.   Now we just need to get the timid folks to use it.

Harold B. - Middletown, OH



Bethany, Stacy, Adam, Curtis et al -

Just want to say thank you for your professionalism and great services.  We really appreciate it and would whole heartedly recommend your business.  It has been my philosophy to always acknowledge someone when they are doing something right!  Kudos to all from the top down!

 Thank you,

Gene & Ann - Nicholasville, KY



Bethany- The entire experience was first class! From my initial contact with you, Adam’s visit, measuring and proposal to the final, timely professional installation.

Being involved in healthcare for the past 40 years, I can say first hand, it would be a pleasure to recommend your company.

Thanks again,

Jeff T.- Cincinnati, OH



Thank you so much for your excellent service and products.  We love our stair lifts and are so gateful to have them!  My laundry is finished and now put away because I have enough energy to finish the job!!

Kim W.- Louisville, KY



I appreciate your help and consideration in acquiring the remote and good service!  The chair lift is a BIG help!

B. Shackleford - Somerset, KY



We are so glad to be able to "go below"!  Thank you, Kevin, Curtis and Adam for all the hard work it took to install a wheelchair lift in our home.

G. Richardson- Versailles, KY



I received my stair lift today. It was installed by Charlie. I have to say he is a fine young man and knows his stuff.

Appreciate your service today.  

A. Gutterman - Cincinnati, OH



The lift you installed is working great, and makes a real difference in my life- thanks to both you and your husband.
Jay N.- Lexington, KY



Stacy- It was very nice to do business with you in our home.  We wish you and your husband the very best in the future.
R. Newcom - Elizabethtown, KY 



Stacy-I want to thank you and your husband for the service we received with the stair lift installation process from start to finish! My father really enjoys the new lift and I think he sees the benefit he is having with the arthritis in his knees!
C. Hunt- Louisville



Kevin & Stacy l- Thank you so much! I have been singing your praises to everyone and of course giving a ride to all my guests.
Joanne T.- Lexington, KY 



Stacy & Kevin- My sister and I want to thank both of you for the very fine service we received from both of you.  Just yesterday my sister was telling me how nice and thorough Michael was about showing her how to operate her chair.  We thank both of you very much.
Charles & Roberta - Nancy, KY



The Spillers were swell to deal with, and the man that did the installation was neat, clean, and very knowledge. It took about a week to get it, and the installation took most of the day. We have had it about two months now, and it is absolutely top quality all the way through. They will give you four or five users if you care to call them, we called four and everyone were very complimentary of them, their company, and the product.
Bill & Janice - Lexington, KY



Thanks Stacy. We appreciate you and Kevin & Michael so much. If we ever know of anyone that needs your services you can be assured you will get a "AAA" rating from both Craig and me. I will be glad to be a reference to potential customers if you need me.
Jane - Louisville,KY



Dear Stacy, Your crew did an excellent job and I appreciate their attention to all the details.  I especially appreciate the kindness you exemplified regarding this sale.
D. James - Lexington, KY



Dear Kevin & Stacy,  The chair lift is fantastic!  We love it!  Thanks for your good work.
Vernon W. - Lexington, KY



Once I realized I had to have a chairlift to go up and down my stairs, I was so grateful to have found Transitions and their lift services. They even let me try riding one before I bought mine. I would recommend chairlifts to anyone with problems getting up and down stairs especially after having knee surgery.
F. Cole - Lexington, KY



This chair has been a life saver. Due to my illness, I’m at the stage where walking is getting difficult. Now I can bring my laundry up and down the stairs and tote my own groceries in.  It has made my life a whole lot better.
Virginia P. - Versailles, KY



I cannot begin to tell you what this chair lift has been to me. Not only have I used it for myself, but we have used it for canning 250 jars and packages of fruits and vegetables. It has been worth every penny it cost. Thank you.
F. Short - Louisville, KY



RE: Chair Lift Installed- AWESOME! This is SUCH a help for the 3 of us in our household...me with ms, my husband who has severe copd, and my grown stepdaughter with us for a while who has rheumatoid arthritris. What a blessing and a gift. Thank you for doubling the size of our house (we've been living on first floor only for several years) and providing us easy access to things we haven't seen in years....
Sherrie H. - Lexington, KY



Thanks so much, Stacy...I appreciate your and your team's dedication to customer service.
Jane A.- Lexington, KY



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