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Many people don't encounter stair lifts in their everyday lives until the time comes when they need one. This being the case, it is very common for perspective buyers to have a lot of questions when they begin searching for their own stair lift.

Many times, accessibility products are about moving people from one floor of a building to another floor in a building. We see this in action via elevators, stair lifts, and wheelchair lifts, just to name a few.

It's easy to get swept up by fast talking salespeople, especially when you don't know all there is to know about a subject. Unfortunately, we hear stories about this frequently in the stair lift, wheelchair lift, and elevator markets.

Over the years, we have encountered some real disasters when it comes to self-installed lifts. Not only do unforeseen problems cause a financial strain, they also present a real safety issue for the lift users.

Installing an elevator into an existing home can be a real undertaking because the original builder didn't make any accommodations that would ease the process.

People find themselves in the market for home accessibility products for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for comfort, while others are seeking basic accessibility either indoors or outdoors.

It's one thing to sell something, but it's an altogether different story to sell something and then always be there whenever the customer needs help. At Transitions, we believe strongly in customer service and ensuring we always perform our duties professionally and cheerfully.

Sometimes people get so involved in the details of stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and elevators that they forget to take a step back and remember just exactly what is at stake with each installation.

Purchasing a stair lift, wheelchair lift, elevator, dumbwaiter, or some other type of lift mechanism is invariably a complex task. You have many things to consider, including type of lift, cost, and desired outcome following the installation.

Battery life is a concern with everything from cars to laptops and cell phones. And while batteries can last for years, everyone expects (and hopes) their products will outlive the life of their battery.

Here's a product that can be used a lot of different ways. Whether you need an indoor lift or an outdoor lift, this Savaria commercial vertical platform lift is perfect for just about any type of short travel requirements.

Though everyone is a candidate for a stair lift, wheelchair lift, or elevator, it's not always easy for everyone to afford what they need. And no one should have to choose between paying their essential bills and affording the accessibility help they need.

No one wants to experience limitations to their mobility. Whether mobility issues come about suddenly or over the course of a lifetime, the problem needs to be addressed to improve quality of life.

As much as we'd like it to be the case, lifts and elevators don't run forever without proper service. Even the best brands require care and attention in order to run their best and last as long as possible.

Want a home elevator with style? Look no further than a vacuum elevator from Transitions. Unlike other elevator types, vacuum elevators are driven by air and lack the larger footprint of a traditional elevator.

Purchasing an item new is not always the best choice for every consumer. Sometimes it's a matter of making an economic decision, while other times it may be a case of desiring a particular model that's no longer in production.

It doesn't do a customer any good if you offer a service they can use but they can't get to you. And since we deal with accessibility issues with our products themselves, we are especially attuned to the dilemmas our customers face regarding movement and access.

It's difficult enough for many people to budget for the purchase of an accessibility device such as a wheelchair lift. Add to that an increase in utility bills, and you can start to have some real concerns about the future.

If you're in charge of a small building (either you own it or are in charge of running/maintaining it) you know firsthand just how many issues need to be covered on a continuing basis.

This time of year, many people turn their thoughts more toward the outdoors after being cooped up all winter. And while it's easy enough for most of us to leave the house and soak up the spring warmth, that same action is not easy for someone with mobility concerns.

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