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Everyone has encountered vertical platform lifts in various public buildings over the years. But did you realize that you can have a vertical platform lift installed at your residence, as well?

Maybe you can't picture where an elevator would go in your home or maybe you just like the idea of an elevator with a limited imprint on your home's space. Either way, you'll want to know more about through-the-floor elevators.

Ever considered adding an elevator to your home? These days, it's a lot easier than you'd think, and there are a lot of great reasons why you should. Let Transitions Lift + Elevator show you the possibilities for your home.

Not all staircases are built the same. Some are built with the benefit of a simple, straight shot from one floor to the next floor. However, others have some unavoidable twists and turns (as well as landings) along the way.

Sometimes we all need a lift in life. And while for some of us, this is a figurative need, for others it's quite literal indeed, especially for those who struggle with or cannot move up and down stairs on their own power.

There are various options when it comes to accommodating the accessibility needs of wheelchair users. Which option you select depends on many variables, but oftentimes a wheelchair lift is the best decision.

We frequently make a point of how involved Transitions Lift + Elevator is in the accessibility industry. We do this to make a distinction between those who dabble in stair lifts and elevators versus what it takes to become established as an industry leader.

People with accessibility needs don't always know where to turn for help. Accessibility challenges can pop up out of the blue as a shock, and if you've never imagined needing help, thee's no reason yo would know what to do first.

Over the years, stair lifts have helped so many people regain their independence within the home and restore their access to all parts of the house. Given that, it would be a shame for anyone to encounter obstacles on their way to getting the help they need.

This time of year, as winter gives way to spring, and warmer weather becomes more prevalent, thoughts begin to turn toward outside activities. After long months of being cooped up, it can be energizing and motivating to engage once again in outdoor living.

Home elevators perform important functions. They allow people who have a hard time getting up and down floors to safely move within the different floors of a house. They also prevent injuries caused by carrying heavy loads up and down stairs.

Wheelchair users run up against obstacles in their daily lives all the time. While public buildings are far more accessible than they used to be, the world is an imperfect place with rugged terrain all over the place.

When you're faced with accessibility questions, it's good to know what your options are. Whether it's a sudden issue that someone in the home is facing due to illness or injury or a lifelong struggle, accessibility challenges can be addressed.

There are many industries that need items moved from one floor of operations to another floor. The way in which that work is achieved varies due to conditions, available resources, and many other factors.

Working on a budget? Who isn't, right? Well, then you may be interested in shopping our refurbished stair lift collection. This gives our customers one more way to get the accessibility assistance they need.

No one enjoys experiencing difficulties getting where they need to go. While most of us take for granted going up and down stairs in the home, at the office, and out in the general public, for some even one stair presents an insurmountable obstacle.

Transitions Lift + Elevator is your top lift and elevator resource, and we take our role in the community very seriously. Besides installing and servicing lifts and elevators for our customers, we also offer additional resources for builders and architects.

Faced with the need for a wheelchair lift, it can be a confusing decision for most people. What are the options? Which wheelchair lift makes the most sense for you and your building? What differences actually matter to those who use them?

Not all stair lifts are created the same. That's because they're made by different manufacturers competing against one another in the same industry, which leads to design alterations and various feature enhancements.

We talk a lot about home elevators because we want to make sure everyone understands their options when it comes time to making a buying decision. We also want people to know we're a resource for safety, maintenance, and repair.

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