What Inclined Platform Lifts Are

Do you have accessibility needs? Are you losing portions of your home simply due to the fact that you cannot reach them on upper or lower levels? If so, Transitions Lift + Elevator can help. We have many products that are made specifically to assist with accessibility concerns.

Some products are designed for people who can walk but not travel by stairs, while other products are designed for those confined to a wheelchair. Still others (like elevators, for example) can be used by everyone. For today's blog, let's look at one type that is designed for wheelchair users.

For example, we have inclined wheelchair stairlifts (inclined platform lifts) that carry wheelchairs across the same distance as stairs without creating the construction need for a hoist way, as in the case of elevators and vertical platform lifts.

These lifts fold up when not in use so that stairs can continue to be used by both walkers and non-walkers. With options that vary by speed, size, and lifting capacity, Transitions will help you get the exact model that you need.

Whether located underneath or at the top of the staircase, the drive unit for the wheelchair lift is powerful and reliable. And with professional installation from Transitions, you should be able to enjoy your lift for years to come.

Are you interested in accessibility solutions? If so, contact us here at Transitions Lift + Elevator. We're always ready to help you!



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