Transitions Has Your Residential Inclined Platform Lifts

Accessibility issues can strike anyone at any time. Accidents and injuries can change a home that was previously suitable into an area that is difficult (or even impossible) to navigate and manage.

And while some conditions change over time, many people (either due to age or disease) know they are facing a lifetime of accessibility challenges. Transitions Lift + Elevator has outstanding products to assist with these tough situations.

One great way to assist a wheelchair user on the home front is to install an inclined platform lift for a stairwell. What this does is provide an ideal alternative to stairs for moving up and down floors within a home.

Our inclined platform lifts save space, operate on battery power, and don't cost a fortune to purchase and install. Plus, Transitions has experienced staff members who know how to install according to manufacturer specifications. This insures your safety and helps guarantee that your lift will operate for years to come.

An inclined platform lift makes sense for a variety of families who face accessibility issues. These lifts are efficient, powerful, and help you make the most of your residential space.

Have questions about wheelchair lifts? Transitions has answers. Contact us today and get expert advice on how to best address your accessibility needs!

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