Top Features of a Through-the-Floor Elevator

Maybe you can't picture where an elevator would go in your home or maybe you just like the idea of an elevator with a limited imprint on your home's space. Either way, you'll want to know more about through-the-floor elevators.

Transitions Lift + Elevator has been installing and servicing these types of elevators for years, and we can help answer all your questions prior to purchase, all while remaining your trusted elevator advisor throughout the life of your product.

Through-the-floor elevators are just as you would imagine. Since they're pitless, they simply disappear through the floor when they're not in use. That minimizes the living space utilized by the elevator and helps maintain the existing look of your room.

With several cab sizes and powder coat colors available, you can customize your elevator to complement your decor or make a boldly modern statement. The choice is up to you.

To be sure, safety is a primary concern, as well. Many people who install home elevators do so to improve accessibility for one or more members of the home. With emergency power, sensors, alarm, phone, and many more safety features, you can ride in your through-the-floor elevator with confidence every time.

Have other questions about this type of home elevator (or any other type of home elevator for that matter)? Contact us here at Transitions! We're eager to help and ready to provide outstanding service.

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