Straight Stair Lifts from Transitions

Sometimes we all need a lift in life. And while for some of us, this is a figurative need, for others it's quite literal indeed, especially for those who struggle with or cannot move up and down stairs on their own power.

Transitions Lift + Elevator was started just for this reason. Helping people regain access lost due to health conditions or injury provides a very rewarding work environment. Some of our customers are regaining parts of their homes that have been unavailable to them for years!

One great product we sell and install on a consistent basis is the straight rail stair lift manufactured by Bruno. Installation is very easy because it attaches directly to the stair treads and can be added to the existing staircase without removing anything.

Of course, safety is a top concern, as well. Equipped with safety belts, armrests, and other electronic safety features, these stair lifts will not only get you from one floor to another, they will keep you safe during the journey, as well.

Life is difficult when you can't get where you need to go. This can be especially devastating when it occurs at home. A straight stair lift from Transitions can fix that problem.

Contact us today to find out more information. We're always ready to help new customers realize their accessibility goals!

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