Stair Lifts for Home Use

When people consider purchasing home chair lifts for their stairs, they have many options to consider. Depending on the type of home, the location of the stairs, and the type of access that is needed, different stair lift models may be recommended.

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Transitions Lift + Elevator is the perfect resource for all prospective stair lift owners. Not only do we have years of experience installing and servicing the lifts, we also take great pride in providing the right stair lift for each customer's individual needs.

For some customers, a strait rail stair lift makes sense, but this depends on whether or not your stairs have a turn or bend in them. Those staircases that don't simply go straight up and down require a curved rail stair lift instead.

Another factor to consider is whether or not the stair lift will be outdoors. Certain models are made specifically to hold up to the outside weather. We sell all different types, so we can easily guide you through the decision process.

Customers who need a stair lift deserve a helping hand throughout their buying decision. At Transitions, we are ideally suited to help in all aspects because we know these lifts so well and have overcome so many logistical and mechanical issues over the years.

Let us help you with your stair lift purchase. We're here to help!

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