A Stair Lift for Tighter Spaces

All rooms are different, just like all buildings are different, too. As a result, accessibility products (stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, elevators, etc.) need to come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different spaces so that people can still use them.

With that in mind, Transitions Lift + Elevator carries the Bruno Elan SRE 3000 Residential Straight Rail Stair Lift, which is perfect for tight staircases because its arms, seat, and foot rest all fold up to a mere 12", which leaves plenty of room for pedestrian traffic along the stairway.

This stair lift is made in the USA and carries up to 300 lbs in capacity. Its users will move up and down from floor to floor with ease, while enjoying the standard features that all come at an affordable stair lift price.

Plus, you can take advantage of some great options on this model, such as a power swivel seat, power or manual folding rails, and a power folding footrest. These power features put the control in your hands and allow you to use the stair lift in an effortless, comfortable manner.

As always, Transitions is your expert in all stair lift matters. If you have questions about purchasing, installing, maintaining, or even selling a stair lift, we are your primary resource. Let our expertise guide you to the conclusions that will provide you the most help at the most convenience. Contact us today!

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