Solving Accessibility Concerns with a Curved Rail Wheelchair Lift

Accessibility issues can be difficult to solve in existing buildings. Structures designed decades ago (or even hundreds of years ago) weren't designed with modern technology or modern traffic flows in mind. So the problem of making these buildings accessible for everyone is challenging.

Transitions Lift + Elevator studies these issues and explores customized solutions via real world experience. The fact that we've encountered so many challenges over the years has developed our ability to solve almost any accessibility concern in any building.

For example, think about buildings with curved rail staircases and how someone using a wheelchair could possibly navigate them. Well, at Transitions, we have a curved incline wheelchair platform lift that does the trick nicely.

This wheelchair lift provides access over stairs with multiple levels, curves, and intermediate landings along a rail system that is mounted along the stairs. And when not in use, the wheelchair platform folds up and allows other users full access to the stairway.

It's brilliant, flexible, and we can install and maintain it for you. Don't let odd building characteristics or old structures dissuade you from outfitting a staircase with a modern, safe, and dependable wheelchair lift that can provide reliable transportation up and down stairs for those who need it.

Let Transitions guide you through the process. We're your local accessibility lift experts in and around Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Dayton, and you can depend on us!

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