Select Your Platform Wheelchair Lift from Transitions

Purchasing a wheelchair lift is a big decision, one that requires due diligence and proper research prior to choosing one. Not only is it a financial investment, it also impacts the building where it is installed.

Transitions Lift + Elevator sells, installs and services platform wheelchair lifts for customers throughout the areas in and around Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati, including Dayton. And with years of industry-leading experience, Transitions has the tools and solutions to service you well.

Our platform wheelchair lifts are constructed for low rise applications and are easily integrated into the buildings they support. Sometimes referred to as a "porch lift," these platform lifts are suitable for providing wheelchair access indoors or outdoors.

With a traveling span of up to 14 feet, it's easy to see why this wheelchair lift can be utilized in so many different capacities. With an enclosed safety pan and an emergency stop switch, safety always comes first. And with a carrying limit of 750 pounds and weather-safe controls, it's rugged and ready to perform over the long haul.

When it comes to wheelchair lifts, you have various options. At Transitions, we aim to earn your business and loyalty by providing the right products at a fair price with outstanding customer service along the way. Contact us today and let us show you why so many others depend on us for all their accessibility needs.

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