Seal the Deal with One of Our Vacuum Elevators

Looking for a fine way to differentiate your house from others on the market? Or perhaps you're simply planning your own new construction that will eventually become the home of your dreams?

In any case, Transitions Lift + Elevator can sell and install a brand new customized vacuum elevator for you that will knock your socks off. These modern, sleek elevators are conversation starters, as well as smooth working machines.

Take control over your new home build and add an eye-catching feature that will consistently save you time and energy. No more dangerous lifting on stairways and no more hauling groceries up from the basement garage one bag at a time. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination, and a PVE Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator will help inspire that imagination to reach for the future.

Have you ever needed to sell a property that just doesn't have any "wow" factor? Well, these elevators have it and then some. Potential buyers will love the cool look and efficiency a vacuum elevator provides.

Once you have one, you won't want to live without one. They come in three different sizes and don't take up as much space as traditional elevators. If you're interested, come see us today at one of our convenient showrooms in Lexington, Louisville, or Cincinnati.

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