Riding in Style in a Vacuum Elevator

Home elevators perform important functions. They allow people who have a hard time getting up and down floors to safely move within the different floors of a house. They also prevent injuries caused by carrying heavy loads up and down stairs.

But when installed properly, home elevators also provide a stylish and elegant upgrade to the home, as well. Transitions Lift + Elevator has been helping families achieve this upgrade for years now, and we are experts at installing, servicing, and maintaining home elevators.

Take our vacuum elevator as a prime example. Not only does it provide safe and reliable vertical transportation, it also adds a unique home feature that impresses everyone who encounters it. Great for home enjoyment and great for resale, too.

With a smaller than normal footprint, these vacuum elevators are available in three different sizes (30", 37", and 52") depending on your home's configuration and personal needs.

Vacuum elevators can provide multiple benefits at once by solving accessibility issues while increasing home value. Trust the experts at Transitions Lift + Elevator to help you plan and install yours. Contact us today!

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