Our Wheelchair Lift Selection

Those who use wheelchairs know the obstacles life can throw their way because there are plenty of roads, sidewalks, and buildings where they simply cannot go due to a lack of wheelchair access. It makes life quite difficult.

Here at Transitions Lift + Elevator, we understand what accessibility challenges mean to people on a daily basis. For years, we have specialized in helping people beat these challenges with quality, dependable accessibility products. In the case of wheelchair users, wheelchair lifts make a lot of sense and can help people regain crucial physical access.

There are two basic types of wheelchair lifts: vertical wheelchair platform lifts and inclined wheelchair stair lifts. Vertical lifts rise and fall directly without a slope. There are indoor and outdoor versions, and they traverse the shortest distance between two levels of any building.

With regard to the other type of lift, inclined platform wheelchair lifts may or may not include a separate machine room, which is typically located underneath the stairs. Otherwise, they rely on a self-contained drive unit located at the top of the stairs or on the machines themselves. Suffice to say, we have the right lift available for your particular needs, whatever they may be.

We're here for you throughout the process, from learning and selecting a lift to installation and maintenance. Our professional technicians are always ready to help, whether your lift is at home, business, church, or some other building.

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