Learning About Commercial and Residential Accessibility Equipment

Stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, elevators, and other types of lifts are highly specialized devices that have their own peculiarities and subtle nuances. Even people who have a natural aptitude with machinery can struggle with some of the finer points about lifts.

Transitions Lift + Elevator demonstrates its leadership position in the lift industry by offering resources and assistance programs for the community. For example, architects and builders can obtain continuing education credit during one of the courses we offer free of charge.

With regard to our AIA continuing education courses, Transitions instructs on Home Elevator Design, Design Standards for Platform Lifts & LU/LA Elevators, plus a customized "Lunch and Learn" presentation that can take place right in your own company's building.

Some people need to know more about ASME A.17 and ASME A.18 elevator & lift code in order to perform their own job duties. Others may need to brush up on current options for ADA compliant equipment for renovations or for new building construction. No matter what your reason, if you need a custom lift and elevator specialist, you can count on Transitions to deliver.

Courses are available year round, and Transitions will work with your schedule to find a suitable time. We are committed and passionate about our work because we believe lifts and elevators make an important contribution to the quality of life of those who utilize them. If you have questions or lift needs, please contact us. We're ready to help!

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