Installing Elevators in Private Homes

If you're like a majority of people, most of the times you have taken an elevator, it has been in a public building. Especially for people who live in towns and cities, encountering an elevator while conducting business is an everyday occurrence.

But did you know that some people have elevators in their homes? It's true. Here at Transitions Lift + Elevator, we help people install and maintain elevators within their homes on a daily basis. And with years of experience, we know just about everything there is to know about home elevators.

In fact, we even offer continuing education on home elevators for workers in other industries. Our goal is to share important information with our community members, while ensuring safety for those who end up utilizing the home elevators.

Residential elevators improve lives in many ways. For those who have accessibility issues, elevators allow them to be transported from one floor to another floor without fear of falling or the burden of being trapped. For others, however, home elevators can help transport anything heavy, from groceries to laundry. Many injuries have been prevented from the use of elevators.

As for the design element, these elevators are offered in so many looks, colors, shapes, and sizes. We sell and install machine room elevators, machine roomless elevators, cable drum elevators, pneumatic vacuum elevators, sliding door elevators, and various through-the-floor elevators. With so many finish types available, the possibilities are nearly endless, ensuring a great fit with your home's decor (and likely a positive impact on resale value).

Interested in an elevator for your home? Give us a call. We're ready to take care of you throughout the process, starting with answering all of your questions.

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