Important Assistance Provided by Motorized Wheelchair Lifts

Anyone who uses a wheelchair understands the challenges of getting around from day to day. Most of the world is created with walking in mind, and wheelchair users have different needs than walkers do.

Here at Transitions Lift + Elevator, we have been dedicated to creating accessibility solutions for people in our community for years. Stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and elevators help people move from one floor to another safely and efficiently.

For wheelchair users, in particular, having the advantage of a motorized wheelchair lift is a total game changer. Within the residential setting, it solves mobility issues from outdoor porches and decks to indoor staircases between main floors, basements, and second stories.

With Transitions Lift + Elevator's offerings of vertical wheelchair platform lifts and inclined wheelchair stairlifts, we have all your bases covered. Whether you need something to travel the length of a staircase or simply move vertically, your wheelchair will move smoothly and easily.

If you use a wheelchair, there are ways to regain access to all areas of your home. And if you own a public building, there are accessibility solutions that help everyone maintain access to your facility.

In all cases, your local experts at Transitions Lift + Elevator have great advice and a correct remedy for whatever you need to achieve. We'll make sure the job is done the right way and provide the support you need throughout the life of your lift.

Have questions? Contact us today. We're ready to help!

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