How Stair Lifts Work

Even though stair lifts have been around for decades now, some people still don't know exactly what they are and how they work. For those who have never been around a stair lift, they may have some assumptions that need to be clarified.

Some people think they work and look like escalators, which is not true. Escalators operate as electric stairs, lifting users automatically as they stand on the moving staircase. Stair lifts utilize seats that allow users to move up and down staircases more safely.

With stair lifts, a track is installed in order to support and guide the lift up and down the stairs. Its motor allows the lift to be moved in both directions, depending on where the stair lift user needs to go. It runs on battery power that drives the motor.

With a comfortable seat and adjustable folding armrests and footrests, stair lifts still allow access room for people who are more comfortable walking the stairs. And with multiple built-in safety features, they provide functional accessibility for people who need access to their home or office building.

In short, stair lifts provide a low-cost, low-impact method of transportation. Typically, they don't require a lot of alterations in order to be installed, and they provide reliable service for those who need them.

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