Frequently Asked Questions About Stair Lifts

Until you reach a point in your life when you need a stair lift, it's quite possible that you know nothing about them. Many of our customers are first-time stair lift users, and we take special care to make sure that new stair lift owners have their questions answered before they make their purchase and begin using the lift.

With so many years of installation and service under our belts, we've had to solve about every problem imaginable when it comes to stair lifts. Providing our expertise as a resource to customers makes for longer, happier stair lift ownership.

Just as an example, here are a few common questions.

Will a stair lift fit my staircase?
Most likely, yes. If you have 32" of space, almost any stair lift will install easily.

What happens at the top of the stairs?
One of the safety features of our lifts is that they swivel and lock into place at the top of the stairs. This provides a roomy, stable area where the user can enter and exit the seat.

How do I decide which stair lift is right for me?
After finding out about different options from Transitions, you'll be able to weigh various factors, including the size and ability of the person most likely to be using the stair lift, the capacity and layout of the staircase itself, and any other aesthetic or price considerations you'd like to add to the mix. At that point, picking the right lift becomes fairly easy in most cases.

Keep in mind, these are just a few sample questions. Your questions may be different because each case is unique. At Transitions, we're prepared to handle your questions with thoughtful, considerate care. Come see us and find out why we're the area leader in service and knowledge. We're ready to take excellent care of you and your loved ones.

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