An Elevator Lift for Wheelchair Users

Last month, we talked about home elevators and the different ways they can help. This month, we are looking a bit more in depth with regard to how home elevators can specifically help wheelchair users.

For wheelchair users, the stairs are not a safe option within the home. And when it comes to homes with second floors, third floors, and basements, you cannot utilize the entire home without a way to move safely from one floor to another floor.

That's where a solution from Transitions Lift + Elevator comes in handy. We offer stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, elevators, and so much more. Plus, we have years of experience assessing home owner needs, so we can answer your questions and make recommendations based on your particular situation.

In the example we're using today, a wheelchair user would benefit greatly from a home elevator because they ensure safety, plus the ability to go from floor to floor within the home. The ride is smooth, quick, and very convenient.

The impact this makes on daily life can be transformative. Suddenly, the entire home is available again, and the wheelchair user can have an upstairs bedroom or downstairs laundry again. Retirees can age in place. It really can do wonders.

If you have any questions, whether or not they are basic and general or specific and complicated, you need to contact us here at Transitions. Chances are we have encountered your question or issue before, and we have an answer, helping you achieve your accessibility goals.

Don't delay. We're ready to help you today!

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