Considering a Hydraulic Through the Floor Elevator

A home elevator can be an awesome way to alleviate the aggravation of moving difficult items from one floor to another, as well as a wonderful investment. Many homeowners enjoy using elevators just as much for aesthetic reasons as they do for functionality reasons.

Whatever the primary reason for considering the installation of a home elevator, it's always a bonus to find one where you can save on installation costs and minimize the space that it takes up in your building. The Savaria 500 Lb Space Saving Hydraulic Elevator achieves both of these goals.

Transitions Lift + Elevator can help you make this happen. Not only are we the elevator experts in Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati, we have comprehensive service abilities that a lot of other companies and contractors simply don't have.

We can advise you on your entire approach to owning a hydraulic elevator. We'll help you decide where it should be in your building and then make any necessary customizations during installation. Once completed, you'll really enjoy this "vanishing" elevator's role in your mobility within the home.

And with outstanding safety features like an emergency battery-lowering device and an in-cab telephone, you'll feel confident in allowing those who have mobility limitations to use the elevator at any time. There's no hoistway or pit required, and installation is a minimal production.

Enjoy the dependable and safe operation of our hydraulic "through the floor" elevator. As always, we're here to answer your questions and guide you through the process along the way. Contact us now and let's get started on your new elevator!

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