Common Stair Lift Safety Features

Over the years, stair lifts have helped so many people regain their independence within the home and restore their access to all parts of the house. Given that, it would be a shame for anyone to encounter obstacles on their way to getting the help they need.

Indeed, sometimes potential customers get in their own way due to misinformation or poor assumptions. One question we routinely hear is whether a stair lift system is a safe option considering the risk of falling down the stairs.

What some people may not realize is that the stair lifts we sell and install swivel at the top of the staircase and lock into place for a safe and easy entry and exit. That ensures that the transfer doesn't endanger the rider. You're actually at a higher risk of falling if you don't have a stair lift.

Beyond that, our stair lift units have safety belts, adjustable foot and arm rests, and emergency power systems to prevent dangerous situations from occurring, not just while riding but also while the unit is not in use.

With any new product, it's important to get not only the service you need but also an assurance of safety, as well. At Transitions, we're committed to all aspects of customer satisfaction.

From the first questions to the installation and beyond, we're here for you. Contact us today for more information about how a stair lift can help you get back to living the way you used to do.

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