Chair Lifts for the Steps in Your Home

For years, we have discussed how stair lifts have changed people's lives for the better. We are passionate about what we do because we see the difference it makes, and stair lifts are a big part of that positive change.

Some customers refer to them as chair lifts for obvious reasons. A stair lift uses a chair-like seat to transport the user from one floor to another floor, and the chair is the most recognizable piece of the stair lift.

Of course, many of us use stairs daily without a second thought; however, millions of people are either incapable of using stairs or are placing themselves at risk for a fall or joint problems by using them.

Stair lifts (or chair lifts) solve accessibility issues by providing safe and reliable transportation between floors of the home. With a minimal impact on the home's staircase, these units are easy to install and really add to a home's functionality.

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